The box also includes a t-shirt of Jareth from Labyrinth rest in piece, David Bowie, a silicone D20 ice cube mold, an Uncharted 4 mini poster, and a pair of Harry Potter horcrux socks. You'll find all of your standard RPG classes here. The game also has a really nice art style, and it has a lot of replay value, and a ton of content, with more being added each day.
A PC version will also arrive in June. The White Hunter will join Luffy, Ace, Sabo, Law, Batholomeo, Doflamingo, Crocodile and Eneru as Ultimate War characters. Further original titles planned for the year ahead include the already announced Ace Combat 7, a return of the combat flight simulator series, and fighting series Tekken 7, which sees Street Fighter's Akuma as a guest combatant -- both game one piece online titles now boasting PlayStation VR support too -- and the long-awaited Ni no Kuni II, a sequel to Level-5's beautiful RPG. It immediately brings to mind the classic animated films of Studio Ghibli, yet another universally influential staple of Japanese nostalgia. America began streaming an English-subtitled version of the first promotional video for its upcoming One Piece Ultimate War PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 game on Monday. Therefore, players will have to strategize creative ways to defeat different Devil Fruit users. To make up for the 3 vs 3 team, Sanji was included. Microtransactions are by no means necessary for the game to be enjoyable. The PS4 version of the special edition will retail for 10,600 yen US$87 while the PS Vita version will retail for 9,800 yen US$81. Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe began streaming an English-subtitled video on Friday highlighting the four playable female characters in the Ultimate War PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PC, and Xbox One game.

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Quite how this will work on mobile remains to be seen -- the console versions relied heavily on dual-thumbstick controls, for instance -- but the series has a dedicated fanbase that will be eager to find out.